Spring Hill landscape design

Closed 7 Feb 2022

Opened 17 Jan 2022

Feedback updated 22 Feb 2022

We asked

Following the November 2020 public consultation for the wider Dudley Road Scheme, Birmingham City Council have taken on board comments from members of the public and tried to include these with the revised design.

To facilitate the improvements to Spring Hill, Western Road and Barford Estate it is necessary to implement a comprehensive landscaping proposal through the corridor. The landscape proposal ties together the early phases of the Dudley Road Revised Main Scheme delivery and provide continuity and a sense of place through the corridor. The original Revised Main Scheme public consultation did not detail these plans therefore additional public engagement was required.

You said

Analysis of the responses provided indicates both strong support and disapproval of the revised proposals. The key themes of providing enhanced compensatory planting has been identified and retention of trees where reasonably practicable have been fed back into scheme designs.

We did

Some valuable comments have been received by the local stakeholders and residents. These comments have been incorporated in revisions to the scheme; making further minor improvements to help to alleviate the problems raised.

Results updated 22 Feb 2022



As part of the Dudley Road Transport Improvements (www.birmingham.gov.uk/dudleyrd) we are planning to make changes to areas of grass, trees and plants, and to create new green spaces. We would like to know what you think about our proposals for this planting work.

The transport improvements mean that some trees and plants need to be removed between Spring Hill Canal Bridge/Clissold Passage and the A4540 Middleway, to allow us to build the segregated cycle paths. We will keep as many of the existing trees as possible, but the tree root structures and soil depth mean that it is not possible to keep them all or to move and replant existing trees.

The landscape proposals are as follows:



  • A section of hedging, shrubs, grass and trees is proposed at the back of the footway on the north east corner of the junction of Western Road with Dudley Road,



  • On the north side of Spring Hill from Spring Hill bridge to George Street West, a number of existing trees need to be removed, and it is proposed that these will be replaced with a variety of trees, shrubs and an area of flowering lawn. It is anticipated that the new tree planting would take place in early 2022 before the removal of any existing trees to allow the new trees time to establish themselves.



  • Shrub and tree planting is proposed adjacent to the existing footpath that connects Ellen Street with Hingeston Street. One tree will need to be removed, but this tree will be replaced.


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