St Andrews Stadium Football Match / Event Day Controlled Parking Zone

Closed 16 Nov 2015

Opened 27 Oct 2015

Feedback Updated 17 Oct 2016

We Asked

As a result of a previous consultation the proposed extent of the Controlled Parking Zone around the St Andrews Football Stadium Football was revised. In light of this revised proposal a further consultation was carried out with the households and businesses within this modified area.

In this consultation we were looking to ascertain the level of support for a Parking Permit Scheme, whether the residents were prepared to pay for a permit(s) and were there other issues such as being a Blue Badge Holder that needed to be considered.

In June 2015 approval was given to carry out a further consultation on this revised Controlled Parking Zone area. The consultation started on 13 October 2015 and lasted until the 16th November 2015.

Approximately 2,850 residents and commercial businesses were consulted on the proposal to implement the revised Controlled Parking Zone. They were sent a questionnaire, a frequently asked questions leaflet, a plan and a pre-paid response envelope. In addition this information was also uploaded on the Birmingham Be-Heard website. During the consultation period there were two home matches, one on a weekday evening and the other a local derby. Site notices were posted on each of the roads affected, advising motorists and other users of the street about the scheme. The notices were erected in time for the first home match and kept in place until the end of the consultation.

You Said

In response to the consultation some 435 questionnaires were returned giving a return rate of approximately 15%. Of these returned some 389 were completed correctly and within the consultation area. 65 respondents (17%) supported the idea of a controlled parking zone whilst 315 (81%) did not support the controlled parking zone. The remaining 9 (2%) respondents were not aware about paying for the scheme or would not support paying for the scheme.

We Did

The response to the consultation suggests that the residents of the area do not support the introduction of the proposed Controlled Parking Zone.  It has been agreed not to proceed further with the proposal.

A letter drop will be undertaken to inform the residents of this decision. Where requested, stakeholders have also been informed of this decision. The Ward Councillors have been informed of the decision.


In March 2015 Birmingham City Council carried out a consultation with residents / businesses who live in the vicinity of St Andrews Stadium. The analysis of consultation responses has identified that there was varying support throughout the area for the implementation for such a scheme.  It was therefore concluded that areas where there is a greater support be prioritised for initial implementation. In order to confirm continued support for the scheme a second consultation is being carried out with the residents and businesses in this revised area.
In order for the scheme to be self-financing it is necessary for the residents to be charged £16 per household for the first permit.  In addition there will be an opportunity to apply for additional permits at around £32, subject to availability. Resident who hold a Blue Badge at the property will qualify for the first permit free of charge, any additional permits allowed will be charged at £32. There is a separate charge for businesses. Any vehicles not showing the authorised permit within the Zone during the duration of the event would be subject to a penalty charge notice.

A plan showing the original consultation area and the identified zone in which we now intend to develop a scheme and carryout a second stage of consultation with those residents.

The properties within the revise area have been sent an explanatory letter, plan of the proposed controlled parking zone, a questionnaire, a Frequently Asked Question leaflet and a pre-paid return envelope. 

If you have any comments could you please forward them by 16th November 2015. In the meantime, if you have any queries with regard to the proposal, please contact the Project Manager, Nick Richards by email at or on 0121 675 7325.

Following consultation feedback, the scheme details could change which may affect you. It is not always viable to consult on any future changes arising from this consultation. If you would specifically like to be kept advised of any changes, either by email or post, please let us know and provide your email or postal address.




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