Wellington Road local highway changes

Closed 12 Jul 2021

Opened 11 Jun 2021


As part of  the Birmingham Cycle Revolution ‘Blue Route’ cycleway along the A38 (city centre – Selly Oak), the Council was asked to further engage with local residents and stakeholders to consider how this change in traffic flow could be mitigated. A Working Group was formed in 2018, consisting of Ward Councillors, local residents, the Police, Priory School, Push Bikes and other local stakeholder representatives. The Group's preferred design/layout would then be taken to public consultation by the City Council.

The concepts/principles upon which most of the Working Group agreed are below, and form the basis for the scheme proposed in this consultation:

  • increasing parking and loading restrictions (double yellow lines) at the western end of Wellington Road, and on parts of Sir Harry’s Road, Ampton Road and Church Road;
  • a change to priorities at the junction of Ampton Road and Sir Harry's Road, using a no entry/ one way system, and
  • creation of 17 marked parking bays around the junction of Ampton Road and Sir Harry's Road (with waiting time restrictions Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. 30 minutes; no return within 2 hours).


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Various other suggestions were considered, including roads humps, narrowing sections of the road, priority give way arrangements, mandatory/ advisory cycle lanes. Each suggestion had different benefits and implications, which the group considered before deciding on the final preferred scheme principles as illustrated on the above drawing.

The City Council’s capacity within the Group was as an invited guest at meetings to provide technical support (if needed) for the design concepts/ options developed by the Group.

Please note, although it was originally intended to undertake the public consultation in early 2020, owing to Covid-19 National Lockdown and closure of schools, it was delayed.







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