Early Years Health and Wellbeing Services Consultation

Closes 17 Aug 2017

Opened 19 Jun 2017


The way that we deliver children’s centres, health visiting services and parenting support services in Birmingham is changing. Have your say on our proposals for a new service model that will bring support services together, for you, in your local area.
Every parent wants the best for their children and Birmingham City Council supports parents and families by offering every child, living in Birmingham, an equal chance to have a really good start in life.
We feel that, one way that this can be achieved is if every child has reached a good level of development by the time they start school.
Early years services offer support to families from the point that a child is conceived up until they start school. These services are available to everyone and are a key component in building healthy and happy families.
Birmingham’s early year’s services offer support to around 100,000 parents and 80,000 children at any one time.
The proposal within this consultation will not effect the nursery services or early education provision.
Please refer to the consultation booklet, at the bottom of this page under events, to answer the following questionnaire. There is also an easy read version of the booklet below. 
Please note, you don't have to be a parent to take part in this consultation. 

Why We Are Consulting

We have used the feedback we received, during the first stage of consultation, to help us design our new proposed service model. We now have a lot more detail about what this will mean for the way that services are delivered locally and we would like to ask for your opinions on these proposals. Information is provided below about the way we are proposing to deliver services.

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