Commonwealth Games Legacy Proposals for Boldmere Gate, Sutton Park

Closed 4 Jan 2021

Opened 3 Dec 2020

Feedback updated 16 Mar 2021

We asked

  •  How do you rate the legacy designs for Boldmere Gate?
  • Should funding become available, what other facilities would you like to see at Boldmere Gate?

You said

  • 62% of you rated the proposals as either ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ with a further 20% rating them as ‘Average’.
  • There were a wide range of suggestions for other improvements that you would like to see at Boldmere Gate, these included; toilet facilities, a community café or bistro, children’s play area and even electric car charging points. Some people also suggested switching the pedestrian access to the opposite side of Stonehouse Road and to prevent cars from parking further into the park by removing some existing parking bays.

We did

  • All comments received have been noted and changes to the design have been made where possible and appropriate including:
    A reduction in the quantity of porous tarmac being used
    Additional bins
    Inclusion of cycle parking spaces
    Increased number of disabled parking spaces
    The potential inclusion of more native planting around the car park perimeter in keeping with the site’s Special Scientific Interest status (working in partnership with Natural England).
  • We thank everyone for providing a number of great suggestions. It is the aspiration of the City Council that these initial improvements will pave the way for future opportunities, such as those outlined by residents and stakeholders. This might be through the planned inclusion of accessible car parking spaces, the upgrading of the event power supply and the expansion of the car parking capacity at the perimeter of the park, thereby reducing intrusive car use further into the park. Any additional work would be subject to further consultation and regulatory approvals.

    Pre-application Stakeholder and Community Engagement Summary.

    Letter drop to properties located close to the entrance to Sutton Park at Boldmere Gate and to local businesses within and close to the Boldmere Gate entrance.

    Presentation to attendees the Sutton Vesey Ward Forum on 3rd December 2020, which numbered 84 attendees, local councillors and stakeholders. This was an open live streamed event given to consult on the pre-application proposals ahead of the formal consultation as part of the Planning Application process. Residents on the contact list and the website were sent the agenda and joining instructions on the 23rd November.

    A video recording of the ward forum was subsequently posted on YouTube and shared by the Forum. It has since had more than 130 views.

    A formal one-month on-line consultation running from 3rd December 2020 to 4th January 2021 on the City Council’s Be Heard Website, which received 76 responses.

    A presentation to the Sutton Park Advisory Committee on 9th December 2020.

    A presentation to Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council on 16th December 2020.

    The proposals were also promoted via the Council’s BeHeard website and across the Council’s social media channels including Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn.


Welcome to this consultation on legacy proposals linked to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games at Boldmere Gate, Sutton Park. Your views will help to shape the detailed legacy plans, which will be submitted as a planning application early in 2021.

Birmingham 2022 have selected Sutton Park as the venue for the triathlon and para-triathlon events, on 29 and 31 July 2022. The park was chosen for the triathlon events as it provides the perfect setting, with Powell’s Pool, the park and the local roads, to accommodate all three disciplines of a triathlon event (swimming, cycling and running).

To meet Birmingham 2022’s requirements, the venue at Boldmere Gate will be required to meet international triathlon standards and provide a sufficient surface area to allow the installation of the athlete’s zone and media areas. To achieve this, the existing hardstanding car parking surface area will be upgraded to provide a suitable surface area for the transition area and athletes’ zone. The improvements to the car park will result in an improved permanent car park area for the benefit of visitors post-Games, as well as legacy benefits.

The designs will provide benefits for the Games and legacy by:

  • Improving and expanding the existing hardstanding area (athletes’ zone and media areas) using a combination of tarmac and porous hard standing i.e. ecogrid reinforced grass filled surfacing
  • Temporary overlay surface (for athletes to compete upon)
  • The introduction of another entrance/exit point to the car park (with an appropriate gradient for athletes to the transition zone). This will provide a route for non-event traffic to bypass the entrance to the event field in legacy, meaning that traffic can access the car park without crossing event routes
  • Improved accessibility for visitors through the provision of formal disabled parking bays
  • Installation of cabling and connections for electricity provision (a benefit to Birmingham 2022 and legacy event organisers).

The works will deliver a more appropriate first impression and visitor welcome to Sutton Park, reflecting its unique status as a National Nature Reserve (NNR), site of special scientific interest (SSSI), historic landscape, valued local amenity and now a Commonwealth Games venue as well.

The project team will work with Natural England and Historic England to agree an acceptable design for the legacy events area in the context of the park’s NNR and SSSI statuses to secure the appropriate consents prior to works.

The consultation pack below contains details of the proposed scheme, including:

  • Details of the Games events (from Birmingham 2022)
  • Project scope (including hardstanding area designs)
  • Legacy benefits
  • Timetable for works
  • Frequently asked questions.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Please complete the BeHeard survey via the link below to register your views.

Why your views matter

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games are a huge opportunity for Birmingham, and we want to make sure they offer a positive legacy for the city. It is therefore important that the legacy plans for Boldmere Gate in Sutton Park are informed by the views of local residents, local businesses and other stakeholders at an early stage, before we make the formal planning application.

The planning application will be submitted early in 2021 and will provide a further application for comment on the proposals.

A separate planning application will also be made by Birmingham 2022 for the temporary works that will be necessary to support the operation of the triathlon events during the Games.

We are keen to receive your comments on the current proposals – you can comment online here until 4 January 2021.


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