Cannon Hill park to Moseley cycle route

Closed 5 Dec 2021

Opened 3 Nov 2021

Feedback updated 11 Feb 2022

We asked

For feedback on proposals for a cycle route between Cannon Hill Park and Moseley, linking to the existing Rea Valley Route and the route under construction between A38 Bristol Road and Cannon Hill Park.

You said

546 responses were received, with 48% of respondents showing strong support for the plans and 16% showing strong dislike.

Key concerns were raised around the layout of the cycle route at the entrance to Cannon Hill Park, and the location of the crossings which allow cyclists to move from Edgbaston Road and Park Hill.

Residents of Chantry Road expressed a number of concerns with the proposed layout on their road, including the loss of on street parking, changes to traffic movements and safety and congestion particularly at junctions and around the school.

We did

The feedback and suggestions noted above for the Edgbaston Road section of the route should be able to be accommodated in the final design. We will begin to build this section soon.

The feedback and concerns around Chantry Road require further consideration. We are working with elected members and are looking into options to address as many concerns as possible. Delivery of the Park Hill and Chantry Road section of the route will take place at a later date.

Results updated 16 May 2022



We aim to make walking and cycling everyday choices for local journeys and leisure activities, as part of a safe and integrated transport network for Birmingham. The Birmingham Walking & Cycling Strategy and Infrastructure Plan, which set out proposals for a city-wide cycle network.

As part of this cycle network, we are now proposing to create a new cycle route linking Cannon Hill Park with Moseley. This route will then link to the A38 Bristol Road cycle route via a scheme around the junction of Pershore Road, Priory Road and Edgbaston Road, which will be built soon (more information about Pershore Road Priory Road scheme).

The Proposal 

The cycle route begins at the pedestrian and cycle access to Cannon Hill Park, opposite Cannon Hill Road. On Edgbaston Road, a two-way cycle lane will run alongside the footway, and the zebra crossing on Russell Road will be moved and upgraded to allow people travelling by foot or cycle to cross safely.

The main route then uses Park Hill, where cyclists will share space with general traffic, and Chantry Road to reach the A435 Alcester Road in Moseley. Chantry Road will become one way (from A435 to Park Hill) for general traffic, and a new two-way cycle lane will be added. On-street parking will still be possible on the north side of Chantry Road, but double yellow lines will be added on the corner opposite the entrance to SS John & Monica Catholic Primary School.

In addition, the speed limit on Salisbury Road will be reduced from 30mph to 20mph.

In Moseley, a forthcoming scheme for the local centre will link this cycle route with the proposed Places for People in Kings Heath and Moseley project (more information at The local centre scheme will be the subject of a future consultation.

The cycle lanes will be separated from general traffic and from pedestrians, using a combination of level differences (so there is a kerb in between), lane separator units (a rubber or concrete kerb) and lines marked on the ground. This scheme will create approximately 0.8km of new segregated cycling facilities.

This project is funded by the Active Travel Fund and is part of the West Midlands Cycle & Walk programme

Cycle Lanes Consultation Plan

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Overview Plan

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  • Online Teams Live

    From 11 Nov 2021 at 18:00 to 11 Nov 2021 at 19:30

    Staff will present the proposals and be available to discuss them in this online session.
    Link to register for this event:

  • Drop in event at Moseley Exchange

    From 17 Nov 2021 at 16:00 to 17 Nov 2021 at 19:00

    Staff will be available to discuss the proposals at the Moseley Exchange located within the heart of Moseley. This event may be cancelled should COVID-19 restrictions change. This will be an indoor event, and we ask attendees to be considerate of others and consider wearing a mask if talking to staff for a long time. No booking needed.
    Full address: 149-153 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8JP


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