Update to Sprint A34 Walsall to Birmingham Traffic Regulation Orders

Closed 1 Sep 2021

Opened 4 Aug 2021


What is Sprint?

Sprint is a new bus-based transport system that will provide a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly service for people travelling in the West Midlands.

Read more about Sprint

Transport for West Midlands and Birmingham City Council are working towards delivering a truly 21st Century transport method of choice, one specifically designed to meet anticipated uplift in demand from a continually growing population.

The uninterrupted 34km cross-city route from Walsall to Solihull is one of seven new Sprint routes planned for the West Midlands.

Sprint uses the existing A34 but there will be alterations to ensure the traffic flows as smoothly as possible. The changes include modifications to some of the verges, the central reservation and parking spaces, the vast majority of which will be retained under the revised plans for Sprint.

New and extended dedicated bus lanes will be created along some sections of the route to minimise congestion with Sprint benefiting from priority at traffic lights to ensure the quickest journeys possible.

The new, improved experience for passengers includes faster ticketing, on-board wifi and greatly improved new shelters. Low-level flooring makes Sprint more convenient for passengers with mobility issues, such as wheelchair users.

Full details of the proposed Sprint network can be found at www.tfwm.org.uk/sprint.

About this consultation

This consultation is the formal advertisement of Traffic Regulation Orders.

A Traffic Regulation Order, or TRO, is the legal documentation required to make changes to the status of the highway (road).

In July 2020 we advertised TROs for the A34 Sprint route. A few things have changed since then, and some parts of the TROs need to be changed. This consultation is a chance for you to comment on or object to these new changes.

During this consultation, you can make comments on the proposals or submit a formal objection (which must include the grounds for the objection). You can either make your response via this webpage (please provide your contact details as part of your response) or can post a written objection to Assistant Director - Transport & Connectivity, Inclusive Growth Directorate, 1 Lancaster Circus Queensway, PO Box 14439, Birmingham B2 2JE.

All responses must be received by 1 September 2021.

If you have chosen to object to the proposed orders, you may be contacted by a project officer to further discuss your objection.

If you have any questions about this consultation or about Sprint, please contact Transport for West Midlands’s Customer Services Team on 0345 303 6760 (option 2, followed by option 3) or email sprintenquiries@tfwm.org.uk.

What is included in this consultation?

A Traffic Regulation Order, or TRO is the legal documentation required to make changes to the status of the highway (road).

A TRO is often accompanied by a plan (map) showing the proposed measures visually.

This TRO includes four types of change: red route, bus lane, pedestrian crossing and waiting restriction.

This consultation is about the TROs for Sprint which are within the Birmingham local authority boundary.

All the documents for this consultation can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, but to help make it easier to navigate and find the parts you are interested in, they are also set out in a list, a table of locations and a map.

Table of locations

Property numbers and names in the table below are approximate. Please refer to detailed plans for precise locations.

Location Change from previous consultation TRO plans
Walsall Road (opposite The Towers Inn PH) Northbound:
  • Parking bay to extend outside houses 643 and 641 (as current)

Red route plan 20

Walsall Road (opposite The Tennis Court PH) Northbound:
  • Bus lane outside 270-278 no longer implemented.
  • Existing bus lane outside 278-280 removed.
  • Bus stop moved from 260 to 272.
  • Existing parking retained outside 250-252 and 264-270.
  • Pedestrian crossing moved to outside 278, reducing distance pedestrians walk in central reserve.
  • Disabled parking outside The Tennis Court PH removed and replaced with general parking.
  • Disabled parking added outside 259 (Post Office).

Bus lane plan 8

Red route plan 15

Pedestrian crossing plan

Walsall Road (outside Primaflow) Southbound:
  • Proposed bus stop moved slightly further south (meaning it remains in current location)

Red route plan 14

Walsall Road (outside Freshpoint) Southbound:
  • Parking bay outside Freshpoint and PBK Fencing and Sheds removed.

Red route plan 13

Birchfield Road (shops between Willmore Road and Wellington Road Northbound:
  • Change to loading bay timings (consistent with other local loading areas)
    no stopping: 7am-7pm
    loading: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
    Sun 7am-7pm
    max 20mins

Red route plan 10


Birchfield Road (Trinity Road to Six Ways) Southbound:
  • Bus lane from Fish Bar to Launderette no longer implemented.
  • Existing bus lane from Mansfield Road to Fish Bar to be removed.
  • Bus lane to be added in outside lane from Dental Surgery to Mansfield Road (approach to Six Ways).
  • Change to parking bay between Arden Road and Fentham Road to allow unrestricted parking at any time.
  • Removal of bus stop outside 121.
  • New bus stop outside Laurie Pike Health Centre (Fentham Road).
  • Removal of bus stop outside Costcutter.
  • Consolidation of loading bays between Mansfield Road and Six Ways to provide single loading bay from Furniture Store to Costcutter.

Bus lane plan 13

Bus lane plan 14

Red route plan 8

Red route plan 7

Newtown Row (Moorsam Street to Miller Street) Southbound:
  • Existing loading bay outside St Paul's to be retained with new timing restrictions
    no stopping: 7am-7pm
    loading: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
    max 20mins
Red route plan 3
Lancaster Street, Lancaster Circus, James Watt Queensway Southbound:
  • Bus gate through Lancaster Circus underpass no longer implemented
  • Bus lane added between Bagot Street and Lancaster Circus.
  • Bus lane added on Lancaster Circus roundabout and James Watt Queensway.
  • Loading bay on Lancaster Street outside Staniforth House reduced in length.

Bus lane plan 18

Bus lane plan 19

Bus lane plan 20

Red route plan 1

Park Street and Digbeth Southbound:
  • New bus lane from Teenie Weenies on Park Street to The Prince's Trust on Digbeth.
  • Removal of Taxi rank  on Digbeth opposite The Prince's Trust; replaced with no waiting at any time. 

Bus lane plan 21

Digbeth waiting restriction plan

Aston Road, Aston Expressway Southbound:
  • Change to timing of existing bus lane, to match new linked bus lanes (24 hour operation).
  • Existing bus lane extended onto Lancaster Circus roundabout
Bus lane plan 22

More information about map

To use the map below, click on a coloured rectangle for a link to the formal TRO map of that area. The map has a layers for each of the TRO map types (red route in red, bus lane in blue, pedestrian crossing in green and waiting restriction in grey). To see available layers and turn layers on and off, click the icon in the top left of the map.

To view the map in full screen (in a new browser tab), click the icon in the top right of the map.

We have worked hard to put the list, table and map together and to make sure all the links point to the right plans, but if you find any errors, please send the details to connected@birmingham.gov.uk and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Your data

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