Cycle Parking 2022 - Phase 1

Closed 23 Feb 2022

Opened 2 Feb 2022


We are intending to install cycle parking facilities at several locations of identified strong demand across the city.  

We know that there are many reasons why people do not cycle more (such as concerns about safety and a lack of facilities to support cycling) and we are determined to tackle these barriers.

It is important to ensure that wherever feasible, there is secure cycle parking provisions at as many locations as possible - especially near shops and offices. Most of these locations were suggested to us by the local residents during the consultation on previous cycle parking tranches.

Subject to final approval it is anticipated that installation of this phase of cycle parking will commence in early Summer 2022.  We would welcome your comments by no later than 23rd February 2022.

These are preliminary proposals and may be subject to change depending on responses received to this consultation.

To ensure that these measures are made known to all parties who may be interested in them, i.e. landlords, owners, freeholders etc., please bring the details of this consultation to the attention of any persons who may be interested.

There will be further consultation on more cycle parking facilities beyond these included in current consultation in the following year. 

The current proposals are limited at this time to increase the provision of cycle parking on the street which is more suitable for the short term stay. More secure (enclosed and lockable) facilities more appropriate for commuters will require a funded revenue stream to operate and maintain the facility. Currently the scheme has no revenue funding to be able, even at a low level, to deliver and maintain any covered cycle parking facilities.

Please see the drawings below.





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