Metro Edgbaston Extension Traffic Regulation Order

Closed 15 Oct 2021

Opened 17 Sep 2021


The Metro Edgbaston Extension is the section of the tramway system that runs between Centenary Square (the Library tram stop) and the new tram stop/terminus at 54, Hagley Road in Birmingham. It forms part of the overall tramway that operates between Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

This consultation is about the Traffic Regulation Orders (the legal documents required to make changes to the status of the road) associated with the Metro extension.

About this consultation

During this consultation, you can make comments on the proposals or submit a formal objection (which must include the grounds for the objection). You can either make your response via this webpage (please provide your contact details as part of your response), by email to or you can post a written objection to: Assistant Director - Transport & Connectivity, Inclusive Growth Directorate, 1 Lancaster Circus Queensway, PO Box 14439, Birmingham B2 2JE.

All responses to the TROs must be received by 8 October 2021.

All responses to the Taxi rank amendments must be received by 15 October 2021.

If you have chosen to object to the proposed orders, you may be contacted by a project officer to further discuss your objection.

If you have any questions about this consultation or need help understanding the plans, please contact or call 07803 261207 (please leave a message with your name and contact details if necessary)

What is included in this consultation?

A Traffic Regulation Order, or TRO, is the legal documentation required to make changes to the status of the highway (road). This consultation is to make residents and businesses aware of the proposals to introduce, and make permanent, TROs in the area between Centenary Square and 54, Hagley Road.

These TRO proposals are required to complement the tramway system, enabling it to operate as efficiently as possible. Where necessary, proposals are identified on the plans, provided for clarity, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

A TRO is often accompanied by a plan (map) showing the proposed measures visually.

The TROs in this consultation include four types of change: traffic movements (including cycle facilities); bus lanes; parking (controlled parking zones and red route) and speed limits. It also identifies amendments to taxi rank provision and controlled pedestrian crossings.

Traffic movements

To introduce one-way traffic restrictions on lengths of:

  • Broad Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Berkeley Street
  • Gas Street
  • Granville Street
  • Bishopgate Street

To introduce a compulsory left turn restriction on Ryland Street at its junction with Broad Street.

To introduce a compulsory ahead only restriction on a length of Hagley Road.

To introduce no entry restrictions on:

  • Centenary Square (north-east bound) at its junction with Bridge Street
  • Sheepcote Street (south-east bound) at its junction with Broad Street

To introduce a no right turn restriction on Broad Street at its junction with Bishopgate Street.

To introduce a no 'U' turn restriction on:

  • Broad Street at its junction with Bishopgate Street
  • Hagley Road at its junction with Fiveways Underpass

To introduce a no overtaking restriction on a length of Broad Street.

To introduce a prohibition of motor vehicle restriction on Sheepcote Street at its most south-western junction with Broad Street.

To introduce a contraflow cycle lane on a length of Granville Street.

To establish shared use pedestrian and cyclist use footway along sections of:

  • Sheepcote Street
  • Broad Street
  • Granville Street

View traffic movement variation plan

View no overtaking restriction plan

Bus lanes

To introduce bus lane and bus only restrictions on lengths of:

  • Broad Street
  • Centenary Square
  • Hagley Road
  • Fiveways Underpass

View bus lane plan

Parking - controlled parking zone and red route

To introduce waiting and loading restrictions on lengths of Hagley Road.

To introduce red route no stopping restrictions on lengths of:

  • Centenary Square
  • Broad Street
  • Fiveways Underpass
  • Hagley Road

(plus side roads at the junctions with these roads)

View waiting restrictions plan

View CPZ variation plan  (restrictions on Centenary Square and Broad Street removed and included within red route proposals)

View red route variation plan

Speed limits

To introduce 20 mph speed limits on lengths of:

  • Paradise Street
  • Suffolk Street Queensway
  • Lyon Queensway
  • Broad Street

View 20 mph speed limit plan

Pedestrian crossings

To amend or incorporate signal controlled pedestrian crossings on:

  • Broad Street
  • Hagley Road

View pedestrian crossing plan

Hackney Carriage stands

To introduce, amend or remove Hackney Carriage stands on:

  • Broad Street (between Bridge Street and Gas Street)
  • Broad Street (near Ryland Street)
  • Oozells Street (south-west carriageway)
  • Granville Street (near Broad Street)
  • Bishopgate Street (near Broad Street)

View Broad Street taxi bay adjustment (plan)

View Broad Street taxi bay removal (plan)

View Oozells Street taxi bay addition (plan)

View Granville Street taxi bay extension (plan)

View Bishopgate Street taxi bay reduction (plan)




  • All residents
  • Motor Vehicle Drivers
  • Pedestrians
  • Local Residents
  • Public Sector Bodies
  • Businesses
  • Faith groups
  • Community groups
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Staff


  • Democracy and Participation
  • Faith & Religion
  • Libraries
  • Transport (Including Walking)
  • Business
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