Birmingham Cycle Revolution - Cycle Parking 2018

Closed 27 Aug 2018

Opened 30 Jul 2018

Feedback Updated 17 Dec 2018

We Asked

As part of Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) we consulted on the third tranche of cycle parking within the City Centre; focussed along the two new major cycling routes on the A38 and A34. It also included other locations that identified with a strong demand.

It is proposed to provide the following cycle stands within the 40 locations identified:

•           99 No ‘M’ shaped stands

•           45 No Cycle hoop stands

This would support the other measures proposed within the BCR programme including the new key cycle routes along two of the City’s major arterial roads.

The proposal would see new cycle parking around the areas of Balsall Heath, Bournbrook, Highgate, Newtown and City Centre.

You Said

62 responses were received to the formal public consultation. Overall, the proposed cycle parking was well received by various stakeholders and consultees.

A number of respondents also commented that although the scheme improved the amount of cycle parking in the city centre it could be considered only suitable for short term cycle parking. There was concern that there were some areas missing especially around New Street, New Street Station, Council House, Corporation Street and other areas further from city centre. It was also felt that opportunities to provide more covered areas would also be beneficial. Some of the general comments received:

“I'd like to see more cycle parking in the city centre. I applaud the increase of cycle parking generally across the city, but all council premises should have ample cycle parking.”

“Make sure there is good security. There is no point having places to lock bikes if they will just get nicked!”

“The Cycle Parking locations as proposed are all welcome, but not nearly enough.  At present there are very few cycle parking locations in the city centre and provision is inadequate. Far more provision is needed in the New Street/High Street area. Far more robust Cycle Parking is needed as proved by the disappearance of Parking Provision by Pigeon Park, presumably by vandalism. Cycle Parking must be vandal proof.”

We Did

The overall responses to the proposals were positive with the respondents welcoming the new provision. The proposed cycle parking scheme therefore is awaiting the appointment of a contractor to undertake the work and will be installed in early 2019.

The current proposals are limited at this time to increasing the provision of cycle parking on street which is more suitable for the short term stay. More secure (enclosed and lockable) facilities more appropriate for commuters will require a funded revenue stream to operate and maintain the facility. Currently BCR has no revenue funding to be able, even at a low level, to deliver and maintain a covered cycle parking.

We are looking forward to the further consultations on cycle parking in 2019.


Birmingham City Council has secured DfT Cycling City Ambition Grant (CCAG) to deliver Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR).

 The aim of BCR is to ‘promote sustainable travel options by increasing the attractiveness of cycling’, which will contribute towards:

  • Improving health & the environment,
  • Reducing car use,
  • Improving connectivity for households without a car,
  • Benefit pedestrians, public transport users and road safety.

Alongside the provision of cycle schemes predominately along the City’s major arterial roads and network of local routes along minor roads there is also the opportunity to look at the provision of additional cycle infrastructure measures such as cycle parking.

This consultation relates to proposed cycle parking within the Birmingham Cycle Revolution project area along major cycling routes A38 and A34.  It is anticipated that the installation of the cycle parking will commence in winter 2018. Please consult the PDF document attached for the details of the proposals.

Balsall Heath proposed cycle parking overview

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Bournbrook proposed cycle parking overview

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City centre proposed cycle parking overview

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Highgate proposed cycle parking overview

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Newtown proposed cycle parking overview

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These documents and other supporting materials can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about the proposals. Click on the Online Survey link below to give us your views. If you have any queries, please contact Nick Richards on telephone 0121 675 7325 or email at We would grateful if you could give us your feedback by no later than 27th August 2018.

Following consultation feedback, the scheme details could change which may affect you. It is not always viable to consult on any future changes arising from this consultation. However, any changes made to the proposals will be posted on the website


The data that you provide is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998, and will be used by Birmingham City Council for the purpose of Birmingham Cycle Revolution Cycle Parking Project.


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